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Gold Miners Are Off To A Hot Start In 2015 -- But That's Just The Beginning  Forbes
February 3, 2015
David Steinberg, Managing Partner at DLS Capital discusses investing in gold mines with Wally Forbes. More »

Current Oil Levels a "Once in a Decade Opportunity"   BNN
January 9, 2015
VIDEO: David Steinberg, Managing Partner at DLS Capital gives us his insight on the week's trading activity in the energy markets and why he sees oil as being in the last innings of weakness. He also provides some of his top oil trades. More »

How one portfolio manager is playing the energy sector  BNN
October 27, 2014
VIDEO: The energy sector is showing some weakness following lower crude prices. David Steinberg, Managing Partner at DLS Capital joins BNN to explain how he is playing the market. More »

Approaches to Deep Value Investing  Manual of Ideas
October 27, 2014
The Manual of Ideas sits down with David Steinberg, managing partner of DLS Capital Management for a conversation on his deep value-oriented investment approach. More »

Emerging Markets taking a turn for the better  BNN
August 11, 2014
VIDEO: David Steinberg, Managing Partner, DLS Capital breaks down the latest in the commodities complex. More »

5 Comeback Stocks with Promise  Kiplinger
October 8, 2013
We scoured the investing landscape and found a handful of stocks that we think are due for a comeback. More »     

9 Deeply Undervalued Companies  Forbes
August 20, 2013
Forbes Investors Advisory Institute president Wally Forbes interviews David Steinberg of DLS Capital Management. More »     

U.S. Stocks Hold Gains in Afternoon Trading  Wall Street Journal
July 5, 2013
Stocks held broadly higher in afternoon trading, after a better-than-expected reading on job growth in June heightened expectations that the Federal Reserve will move to pull back on its easing efforts. More »     

Morgan Stanley's happy Facebook anniversary  CNN Money
May 17, 2013
May 18 was the one-year anniversary of the Facebook IPO. James Gorman still holds the top job at Morgan Stanley and now looks closer than ever to pulling off the turnaround many thought would allude him. Morgan Stanley's shares are up 81% in the past year. More »     

Getting The U.S. Economy In Order  benzinga
April 29, 2013
David Steinberg of DLS Capital Management and Robert Kaplan, Harvard University Professor and former Goldman Sachs Vice Chairman, sat down on CNBC's Squawk Box to talk about their views on revenue growth in the U.S. and what might get us moving in the right direction, while highlighting what they saw as good investments along the way. More »     

A Vein of Hope for Gold Miners  Barron's
April 20, 2013
David Steinberg, DLS Capital Managing Partner, is quoted in a feature article on gold miners. The miners have probably the most hated stocks in the market, and not without reason. Now they're getting their acts together. More »     

"Final Four" Stocks  Business Week
April 7, 2013
Stock picks "from the coaches' box," surveying half a dozen experts including David Steinberg, DLS Capital Managing Partner, to come up with their own Final Four of stocks. More »     

If You Could Love Only One Stock in 2013  Forbes
February 7, 2013
Since the early 1980s Forbes has asked a group of investment pros to name the one stock they think most likely to either outpace or trail the market over the coming 12 months. When the year runs out, the winners receive return invitations. David Steinberg of DLS Capital is back for 2013 and intent on vaulting from second to first place. More »     

Wall Street Rallies as Washington Dithers  Barron's
December 22, 2012
It's been a year of relatively low stock market volatility, but the longer the fiscal talks drag on the more likely that will change. More »     

Stocks fall as investors watch Washington  LA Times (Associated Press)
December 13, 2012
David Steinberg, managing partner of DLS Capital, says it's only natural for the market to pause after its run-up in recent weeks. But will the fiscal cliff be a “grand event” for the market? More »     

David Steinberg Headlines Ivy Family Office Network Boca Raton Forum  PRWeb
December 11, 2012
DLS Capital Managing Partner David Steinberg headlined the Ivy Family Office Network Boca Raton Forum with a discussion on “State of the Markets Beyond Politics” The Forum was held on December 3rd, at the Marriott Hotel in Boca Raton, FL. More »     

Best/Worst Weekly ETF Returns: Gold Miners Tank  Index Universe
November 16, 2012
Eight out of the 10 worst-performing ETFs in the past five-day period were gold and silver miners funds. Miner stocks have often underperformed their underlying commodities, and the past week was clear evidence of that. More »     

DLS Capital Sees Commodities Rising For Long Run  Hard Assets Investor
November 1, 2012
David Steinberg, Managing Partner of DLS Capital, explains why he thinks producers are like the printing presses for various commodities. More »     

Precipice, Anyone?  Barron's
October 27, 2012
With the fiscal cliff approaching, some worry that stocks will fall off the edge. Keep some cash on the side to pick up quality names if they do. More »     

Gold Miners For A Lark  Index Universe
October 16, 2012
DLS Capital looks to the equities space and to commodities-focused companies for interesting valuation plays at a time of easy-money policies by many of the world’s biggest central banks and growing demand in the developing world for everything from grains to oil. More »     

Investors Seek Green From Drought  USA Today
August 26, 2012
The drought may be leaving farmers high and dry, but investors thirsty for big gains are finding ways to profit as commodity prices soar. More »     

S&P 500 Has Longest Weekly Rally Since March On Europe  Bloomberg News
July 27, 2012
U.S. stocks rose for the week, giving the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index the longest rally since March, amid optimism Europe’s policy makers will act to ease the region’s debt crisis and better-than-expected earnings from Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) to Moody’s (MCO) Corp. More »     

Blue-Chip Ports Amid Storm  Wall Street Journal
July 6, 2012
Behind the moves is a search for safety: Many blue chips boast strong balance sheets, consistent cash flow and shareholder-friendly dividend policies amid economic uncertainty, according to stock investors. More »     

It's "Duck" Season for U.S. Stock Fund Investors  Market Watch, Wall Street Journal
July 2, 2012
The jarring economic and political concerns that derailed the U.S. stock market between April and June 2010 and in 2011’s third quarter tormented investors in this latest quarter, with little relief in sight as the second half of 2012 gets underway. More »     

ChipMOS Arises From the Dead  Barron's
May 12, 2012
The small semiconductor assembly and testing outfit's remarkable comeback is being fueled by some of the hottest markets around, including smartphones, tablets, and vehicle infotainment systems. More »     

Coal Prices: A Buying Opportunity Or A Bearish Signal?  Seeking Alpha
April 10, 2012
Could this be a buying opportunity for those who believe in a long-term bull market for coal? It's possible, but coal isn't necessarily as simple as that. More »     

Stocks Skid From 52-Week Highs on Fed News  Barron's
April 7, 2012
Why shares of Arch Coal and Alpha Natural Resources could heat up. More »

Motorists Can Avenge $4 Gas by Owning Oil Stocks  Yahoo! Finance
March 30, 2012
Whether it's right or wrong, a passing problem or a hardship that's here to stay, you can either fight the issue and complaint about it OR seek to even the score and get long some oil stocks. More »     

China and Emerging Market Weakness: A Bump or a Crack in the Road?  Yahoo! Finance
March 30, 2012
Whether you believe it or not, the China slowdown story is back again and starting to gain traction and casting doubt on emerging markets everywhere. In the past month alone, the Shanghai Composite has fallen 7%, while the Nasdaq and S&P 5oo have remained positive. India, Brazil and most of Europe are also lower. More »     

Apple's Earnings Are Masking Weakness in Stocks and the Economy  Yahoo! Finance
March 30, 2012
No matter how many people ask him, and regardless of their angle or approach, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke knows his story and is sticking to it. And yet for all the caution his "far too early to declare victory" mantra portends, the stock market has chosen to largely ignore it and has surged to levels not seen since 2008. More »     

Volatility Futures at 19-Month High on S&P 500  Bloomberg News
February 21, 2012
April futures on the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index closed at 25.10 yesterday, or 6.91 points higher than the level of the gauge, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The gap widened to 6.98 points on Feb. 17. The last time two-month futures were that high in relation to the index known as the VIX was July 2010. More »     

If You Could Love Only One Stock in 2012  Forbes
January 27, 2012
A contest in which Forbes dares financial pros to try to beat the S&P 500 by picking one stock each. More »

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