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Welcome to
DLS Capital   Management, LLC. 

Deep Value Investing at its finest. 

DLS Capital Management LLC is a family office located in South Florida.  DLS uncovers the best deep value investment opportunities for a given capital structure utilizing our proven in-house research expertise. 

DLS’ investment strategy is to invest in securities of companies that are selling at significant discounts to their intrinsic value based upon historical multiples of cash flows, normalized cash flow (where there is an expectation that historical levels of the cash flow will return), or where the assets are being valued below their asset liquidation value.

Deep Value Investing

The DLS Approach 

DLS Capital's deep value investment approach is based on special situation investing and high yield finance. Our investment process enables us to develop and effectively maintain a balanced global economic portfolio. 


We perform rigorous fundamental analysis to determine enterprise valuation. We value our investment holdings as private businesses. Our process is sustainable and scalable across diverse asset classes, capital structures, industry sectors, and market cycles.

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